Ultimate Pack List

The days in Patagonia have finally grown longer. Spring is on the way and with that the long nights lying in bed, making endless mental notes and to-do lists before the final few weeks flash past.

A year and a half of solid planning and scraping up what funds I have, have led me to this point.

My nerves keep me planning, but my rational self reminds me that there are just some things that I have to allow experience and time spent on the trail to teach me. One cannot prepare for everything and telling myself so is my first mistake.

I try my best to surround myself with likeminded folks and those who I admire, who offer helpful advice coming from years of experience. They all tell me the same. The hardest part is actually leaving. Then once you’re out there, the nerves and fears all become rationalized and are diminished with time.

The only way to relieve the jitters and excitement is to move forward the best I can. Packing up.

I’ve drafted up a list of everything I will carry on my ride across Patagonia for myself, Darcie my dog, and my two ‘bigger dogs’ Sundance and Bandido.

There’s a sneaky feeling that I’ll be dumping half of the load the first week of the trip, finding out what is useful and what else I can shed in weight for my horse’s backs. For that reason, I’ll be submitting a final pack list of what I actually end up using during the ride, but for now, here’s what I’ve got:



Horse Gear:

Dog Gear:

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