The Importance of Nature

A recent Time article released lists the 10 Things Should You Do Every Day To Improve Your Life. Numero uno on that list? Get outside.

Multiple research studies prove how even a brief walk in nature can calm and restore you with overall mental and emotional well-being. As well, multiple health benefits arise from just a 20 minute walk, which can extend your life many years. For most people, work is in an indoor setting, lined with cubicles, gray undertones and window views of just that, more office buildings. A little color, fresh air and a change of scenery could be all that you need to improve your mood, or even problem solve. Nature nurtures complex cognition in creating a better potential of a boost of creativity in oneself.

For those of us living in the larger metropolitan areas of America, this article from The Wilderness Society can show you the many options you have to get outdoors and get moving in your area.

Many of us city dwellers are starved of Earth’s natural noises with the consistent overlay of traffic, chattering, sirens and the overall business that lies in the midst of our fast-paced lives. With the constant rush of our daily lives, it’s easy to get lost in the mix… In-between the Facebook notifications, email bings, text dings, telephone rings and everything else that pulls our attention away from what is currently happening right in front of us.

Our Chinese take-out and Netflix begin to replace those important outdoor experiences, often shared with loved ones, whether it’s learning how to start your first campfire, burning your first meal cooked on one, or reading a trail map. One soon forgets the beautiful sounds of the bird call, or the subtle chuckle beneath the crackle of a campfire, bivving underneath the stars...

The beauty of nature is a constant reminder of the simplicity and importance of itself. Time tends to slow and is overlaid with a much healthier pace of life. Hiking on a trail becomes just that, hiking on a path. Being guided by nature to do just one thing: walk. A form of meditation in itself, one begins to think of nothing more than the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other. Most importantly, nature gives you the feeling of connectedness. When life gets so overwhelming that you can’t remember where your piece fits in this world, the outdoors is a beautiful reminder that you are a perfect piece to all that is around you.

In a society so hectic and busy, seek to find those rare moments of silence in a grand space that reminds us of just how tiny we really are…




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