Stevie Wanders: Machu Picchu

November 11, 2014


I’m now on my way to Sao Paulo, Brazil en route to Buenos Aires, Argentina where I’ll spend a month traveling between both Chile and Argentina. 


I flew straight into Cusco quickly falling into that travel rhythm again. I spent a day and a half there meeting fellow backpackers at my hostel, sharing coffee, plenty of Cusquena beer and covering lots of cobble ground around the city. 

Already missing that fresh Colorado air I headed to the Andes. With one set of clothes and a fresh pair of Chaco boots I set off. 


We started at Mollepata, spending the day hiking about eight miles up to our first camp(10,000 ft.) nestled in a fjord just below Mt. Huamantay. 


The next day was the most difficult. Heading from camp 1 up to Salkantay at 15,090 ft. then dropping down into rain forest at our camp at 13,000 ft. 


We spent the next couple of days working our way through the lush mountains sharing hot springs in the rain, fresh trail side fruit and plenty of bug bites, ending in Aguas Calientes. 


We were at the gateway to Machu Picchu. Nearly fifty miles away from where we had started our trek just four days before. 


The final morning we woke up at 3 AM, hiked some 3,600 steps and we’re the first to catch the sunrise over the mountain. The city awoke as the sun warmed the structures of quartz stone. We spent the day wandering the ruins with a couple of nap breaks in the grass tiers, taking in all those Pachamama vibes.


I only arrived back from the trek at 2 this morning. Again I am thrown back into the airport life, drinking countless americanos all to get some of that free internet on my deathly long layovers. 


Excited to report happy, blister free feet, despite my ignorance of breaking in my boots while on this trek. Now perfectly adapted on travel, wear and tear, the Chacos and I continue our journey south…ready for more.


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