Individual Support

There have been countless numbers of emails sent, phone calls made, and many ramblings of mine heard throughout these past 9 months of putting my project on paper. The wealth of knowledge I’ve been gifted from family, friends, and complete strangers has been irreplaceable as my trip would have not been possible without you. So, even though this isn’t much, thank you.

To my entire family, your love and constant support has made me the stubborn, wild child that I am today.

Mom and dad, you’ve allowed me as a child to roam free and explore and haven't tried to stop me from it since. Mom, you taught me how living simply can be beautiful, and what a woman can do by herself with her own strength, which in turn became the strength I am today. Jordan, you are the laughter, love, inspiration, and constant in my life. I couldn't ask for a more badass sister and travel companion. Aunt Teresa and Uncle Neal, your patience and love through my life’s endeavors has helped shape the person I am today. Thank you for being there from day one. I’m honored to call you

Image by Anthony Taylor

family, but lucky to call you best friends. Grandma, your patience  and presence is heaven-sent, especially in our younger days, when I’d rally the cousins to jump the farm’s fences to ride the neighbors mules. Carlos Montagut, you’ve mastered the art of both being able to love and tolerate a dreamer such as myself. Thank you for always being there and bringing me back down to reality when I need to be. Lonnie Dupre, you’ve been a friend for many years and have shown me what can be done in the adventure world while always going the extra mile to be sure that I have the same capability.

To the horse & adventure community that have provided me a with copious amount of information and wealth of knowledge, often over a thread of massive emails or sharing yerba mate: Carol Jones, Javier CastilloCuchullaine O’Reilly, Valerio Ceconi, Ronaldo & Alessandra Pucci, Charlotte Simsar & The Hoofprints of Patagonia galsBenjamin Reynal, Greta Matos, Lisa Stewart, and so many more. 

To all the other riders and readers out there. Thank you for your words of encouragement, support and involvement in this adventure.

Image by Anthony Taylor

  • My incredible pack saddle has been lent for my use for Patagone from Custom Pack Rigging.
  • A beautiful halter, bridle, reins, and maps were gifted to me by Carlos Montagut & Maria Elvira Rouges.
  • Fellow long rider Valerio Ceconi has gifted me a wool saddle blanket.
  • U.S. long rider Lisa Stewart has gifted me an incredible Ortho-Flex saddle and cinches at a fraction of the price and on top of that covered all shipping costs.
  • Carlos Montagut has gifted me a farrier tool for shoeing and a beautiful gaucho knife for the ride.
  • Lonnie Dupre has gifted a sleeping bag and ground pad.
  • To all of those who have donated financially, thank you: Sebastián Giannone, Shawn Mahrenholz-Kuenzi & Tyler Kuenzi, Sara Mustonen & Madison, Dennis O'Neel, Simone & Andrew Strand, Brittany Ricketts, John Petursson & Harriet Olafsdóttir Av Gørðu, Wendy Knospe, Meghan Driscoll, Eric Kwan, Chris Worlow, Jennifer Walsh, Renee Patrick, Pascale Marceau, Tony Pagan, Elise Blackwell, Anne-Kristell Jouan, Michele Korfhage, Shane & Paula Dolan, Thibault Ayad, Celia Adelson, Jane Kwan, Cindy Bradley, Amber Stephens, Shannon Kelly, Neal & Teresa Kuenzi, Paul Amos, Ryan Heffernan, Lonnie Davis, Alex Christie, Nicole Passeri, Randa Notgrass, Charlotte Simsar, Skiy Detray, Calvin Bradshaw, Melanie Pruiett-Schecker, Marcella Lof, Nic Sedenquist, Carol Leek, Kristen Butchko, Sanna Ndj, Lonnie Dupre, Carol Hebel, Lizzie Hebel, Ulyana Horodyskyj, Ruby Maltman, Ivan Wasinger, Pam Bryant, Florencia Velasco, Jordan Plummer, and Glenna Plummer.



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