Stevie Anna now calls Patagonia home and in this endeavor she delves deep into the rich history and culture of its inhabitants. Connecting with important local historical figures such as Carol Jones, whose family ties to these lands go back decades, and learning the language and customs of Carol's people, The Gaucho, a group of hard-nosed roamers who've found a way to co-exist with a now more "modern" Patagonia while still preserving the old ways of their people. Stevie’s mission for this trip is to discover, document and share these undying formalities during her solo journey covering over 1,000 miles by horseback with her dog Darcie.

Fall 2017









 A gaucho without a horse is said to be a man without legs. Patagone’s objective for this trip is to inspire those who enjoy slow-paced, traditional travel, while respecting and understanding the local culture. The name “Patagonia” is known by many. Pata, which means foot, paw or hoof; “Patagone” denotes going by foot, or in my case, all three. 

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